Stand-alone Power Systems

Project Name: Stand-alone Power Systems
Project Type: Hybrid / Renewable
Location: Western Australia
Client: Western Power
Fuel Source: Solar/Battery/Diesel

Since 2019, Pacific Energy has been proud to partner with Western Power to deliver SPS across regional and remote Western Australia as a part of the network provider’s Standalone Power Systems program. Contracted to deliver 240 units, with more than 120 units already in field and maintained by our team, our rollout for Western Power represents the largest deployment of SPS to an Australian utility to date.

Powered by solar panels and battery storage with back-up diesel generation, our customisable standalone power systems are delivering safer, cleaner, and more reliable power to rural customers.

Each system, which is built to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions, is remotely monitored and controlled, with faults diagnosed and rectified remotely and regular on-site maintenance conducted by our teams, helping to reduce costs and maintenance.


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