Project Name: Savannah
Location: East Kimberley, WA
Client: Panoramic Resources
Capacity: 17.8 MW
Fuel Source: Diesel
Project Commencement: 2004
Commodity / Type: Nickel, Copper, Cobalt

Pacific Energy won the tender for the 10.2 megawatt build, own, and operate power station for Kimberley Nickels Savannah Nickel Project. Utilising the latest in MTU series 4000 engines, the project was won by demonstrating a significant fuel saving. The MTU product was utilised which is the 12V 4000 engine as a power station prime mover, which over the years, has proven to be a very reliable platform. Upgraded in 2014 to 11.5MW and again in 2015 to 13MW to keep up with the mine site demand.


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