Jacinth Ambrosia Power Station

Project Name: Jacinth Ambrosia
Location: Adelaide, SA
Client: Iluka Minerals
Capacity: 13.4 MW
Fuel Source: Hybrid - Solar & Diesel
Project Commencement: 2009
Commodity / Type: Mineral Sands

The Pacific Energy owned Jacinth Ambrosia Power Station, 800km from Adelaide in South Australia, has been powering the Jacinth-Ambrosia mineral sands mine since 2009.
In 2020 the mine site owner agreed to upgrade the original diesel power station to a Diesel-Solar hybrid station complete with our proprietary Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) that increases power, reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.

The upgraded hybrid power station will feature an expandable 3.4MWp bi-facial single tracking solar system providing the Jacinth Ambrosia Mine with low cost and highly reliable power whilst reducing diesel consumption by ~2.3 million litres and CO2e by ~6,000 tonnes annually.

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