CSIRO Hydrogen Refueller

Project Name: CSIRO Hydrogen Refueller
Project Type: Hydrogen
Location: Clayton, Victoria
Client: CSIRO
Fuel Source: Hydrogen

In 2023, our hydrogen and renewable gas experts, ENGV, delivered one of the country’s first PDC-IVYS SimpleFuel Fast hydrogen refuelling stations at CSIRO’s Clayton Campus in Melbourne.

ENGV designed, supplied, installed and commissioned the refuelling station, which will provide hydrogen refuelling to the fuel cell cars of CSIRO and its partners. The hydrogen refuelling station will be used for research and training, not for public refuelling.

The refuelling station is a key milestone for CSIRO’s Hydrogen Industry Mission, which aims to support Australia’s clean hydrogen industry development. CSIRO has received over $1 million funding towards the project from the Victorian State Government and Swinburne University of Technology as part of the Victoria Hydrogen Hub (VH2) partnership.


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