Odysseus Power Station

Project Name: Odysseus
Project Type: Remote
Location: Leinster, WA
Client: Western Areas
Capacity: 27.8 MW
Fuel Source: 16.8MW Diesel, 11MW Gas
Project Commencement: 2021
Commodity / Type: Nickel

The Pacific Energy owned Odysseus Power Station, 30km north of Leinster in Western Australia, has been powering the Odysseus Nickel Mine since 2021.

At commencement, Pacific Energy provided a power solution consisting of an 8MW dual fuel powered station, running initially on 100% diesel, to enable mine production whilst a dedicated gas pipeline was re-commissioned.

Later in 2021, when natural gas became available, Pacific Energy carried out a 4.5MW dual fuel expansion.

Our dual fuel technology enables our client to buy spot gas by mitigating interruption risks and ensures that in the event of a gas supply interruption the power station is capable of powering the mine site by seamlessly transitioning to diesel during the gas outage or constraint period.

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