Horizon Power Mid West Solar (7 Stations)

Project Name: Horizon Midwest (7 Stations)
Location: 7 small towns in the Mid-West region, WA
Client: Horizon Power
Capacity: 16.1 MW
Fuel Source: Hybrid: 9.5 MW Diesel, 2.1 MW Solar, 2.2 MW Gas, 2.3 MW BESS
Project Commencement: 2015
Commodity / Type: Township

These assets comprise seven small towns in the Mid West region of WA (Cue, Meekatharra, Mt Magnet, Wiluna, Sandstone, Yalgoo & Norseman) that all rely on remote, off-grid power stations for their electricity supply.

Pacific Energy was awarded the contract by Horizon Power in 2015 to install replacement power systems at each site and operate them under an initial 10-year term.

Six towns utilise diesel generation, including Meekatharra, where Pacific Energy installed a solar farm in 2017 to reduce fuel costs and emissions. The latest CSIRO Cloud Forecasting technology has been utilised to achieve up to 85% solar penetration, thereby reducing fuel costs and emissions.

At Mt Magnet, the generation facility is gas-fired and has been integrated with a battery energy storage system for generation support.

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