Garden Well Power Station

Project Name: Garden Well
Location: Laverton, WA
Client: Regis Resources
Capacity: 42.4 MW
Fuel Source: Hybrid: Diesel/Solar
Project Commencement: 2012
Commodity / Type: Gold

Our Garden Well Power Station, located near Laverton in Western Australia’s Goldfields region, has been powering Regis Resource’s Garden Well gold mine since 2012.

The station incorporates our proprietary Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) technology, which uses waste exhaust energy to increase power, reduce emissions and significantly improve fuel efficiency.

In 2022, Regis engaged us to integrate a 9MW solar farm on site to support its commitment to sustainable operations. The solar farm, which we designed, constructed and will continue to operate and maintain, comprises over 17,000 PV panels and is estimated to displace 5 million litres of diesel fuel and approximately 13,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually, helping to transition our client away from fossil fuels.

The solar farm has been fully operational since October 2023.

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