Switchgear & Switchrooms

In-house manufacturing capability and technical expertise for mining, utility and commercial applications

Low and medium voltage switchgear

As a part of this offering, we design, manufacture and install low and medium voltage switchgear that is built using world-class componentry and is type tested for the Australian market.

The L-series motor control centre is our flagship low-voltage product. A customisable, multipurpose solution, the L-series MCC comes with interchangeable and customisable feeders and modules that allow us to tailor each unit to our clients’ unique requirements.

For our medium-voltage solutions, we are proud to partner with Leistung Energie to deliver AMS switchgear and ring main units that are compact, durable and safe to use in power distribution systems, power plants and industrial applications

Transportable switchrooms and kiosk substations

We also design, manufacture and install transportable switchrooms and kiosk substations that are seamlessly integrated with our switchgear.

These custom builds are cyclone rated and designed to meet client specifications, including structural and transport requirements, size restrictions, fire ratings, environmental conditions and special access needs.

Each switchroom and substation is assembled, tested and commissioned in our WA-based facilities, helping us to minimise site work and installation times.

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