Bluebird Hybrid Power System

Project Name: Bluebird Hybrid Power Station
Project Type: Hybrid / Renewable
Location: Mid West, WA
Client: Westgold Resources Limited
Fuel Source: Solar, BESS, Gas
Project Commencement: 2023
Commodity / Type: Gold

Fuelling a renewable energy pathway for Westgold

In 2024, Pacific Energy delivered four industry-leading hybrid power systems for Westgold’s Bluebird, Big Bell, Fortnum and Tuckabianna mining operations in Western Australia’s Mid West region.

The hybrid systems, which have a combined capacity of 82MW, have been delivered under a seven-year build-own-operate agreement and comprise 28MW of solar, 11.5MW of battery energy storage (BESS) and 42.5MW of high-efficiency gas generation. The four systems, which were delivered concurrently, replace six diesel-fired plants and are expected to collectively displace 38 million litres of diesel every year and cut carbon emissions by up to 57,000 tonnes annually.

The design of the hybrid systems is centred around our virtual generator (VG) BESS technology, which seamlessly integrates renewable energy sources and dynamically stabilises the power systems, marking a shift away from thermal generation as the primary source of system stability. An evolution of grid forming BESS technology, VG BESS can mimic the characteristics of rotating thermal generators, providing for the first time the ability to stabilise large-scale power systems without burning fuel or using legacy technologies like synchronous condensers.

The new hybrid systems also have emergency hydrocarbons-off functionality, which enables seamless mining operations using solar and BESS during system outages and other critical situations.


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