Control Systems & Technical Capability

The critical link in our value chain

As a vertically integrated power provider, we offer a streamlined, end-to-end experience unlike any other in Australia. Our team of power and control system engineers forms a critical link in this value chain.

Their combination of both theoretical and practical domain expertise ensures the commercial goals of a project are balanced against the technical feasibility of the system. This key differentiator ensures we deliver exactly what we’ve committed to, from design right through to long-term operations.

And because we own the process, we can:

  • Take ownership of how we run negotiations with OEMs and suppliers
  • Work closely with OEMs to fully exploit the technical capabilities of each component
  • Negotiate grid connection performance, and balance grid codes and PPA terms
  • Provide in-house control system design, modelling, engineering studies and sizing optimisation
  • Share data and information transparently between each phase of the process, retaining all project critical knowledge and information
  • Provide quality assurance and FAT through power system simulations and modelling
  • Pivot quickly, adapt to unseen issues and de-risk commissioning
  • Deliver localised SCADA and control solutions, backed up with remote monitoring and intelligent maintenance services

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