Battery Energy Storage Systems

Leading the way on battery energy storage design

Our smartly designed, IP-rated battery energy storage systems (BESS) are adaptable, easy to transport and install, and suitable for Australia’s harshest conditions.

Designed to the highest standards, our units can be sized from 1MW to 200MW ensuring flexibility, modularity and redundancy at 11/22/33KV output voltages.

Learn about the big battery solution we delivered as a part of Fortescue’s Pilbara Energy Connect project here.

With a proven track record in mining, agricultural, utility and community applications, our BESS can add value to power stations and networks, including:

  • Increased power quality and reliability
  • Grid/power station stability and strength (virtual synchronous machine/inertia)
  • Lower fuel consumption and emissions
  • Reduction in power station spinning reserve
  • Added protection in the event of a generator shut down or failure
  • Greater protection against large load spikes or dips
  • Optimised generator fuel burn and efficiencies
  • Solar smoothing
  • Store excess energy from rooftop solar
  • Release hosting capacity to enable additional rooftop solar systems

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