Canberra Hydrogen Refuelling Facility

Powering Canberra’s hydrogen future

Located in Fyshwick in Canberra’s South, the Canberra Hydrogen Refuelling Facility supports the city’s growing fleet of zero emission vehicles powered by hydrogen.

The facility’s opening in 2021 marked an Australian first. As the only location nationally to offer customers hydrogen fuel for their fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) at the time, the station kick-started the journey for Australia’s adoption of hydrogen mobility.

The highly utilised station is accessed daily by the ACT Government and private organisations for refuelling their FCEV fleets. These hydrogen-powered vehicles are manufactured by leading automotive brands Hyundai and Toyota.

As the owner and operator of the facility, Pacific Energy is proud to offer the site for retail use as part of our commitment to grow the ACT green hydrogen ecosystem.


A user-friendly and sustainable station

Built by Pacific Energy company, ENGV, the Canberra Hydrogen Refuelling Facility has been designed to support the regular refuelling needs of a growing FCEV fleet.

The facility uses renewable electricity sourced from the grid to produce hydrogen onsite with an electrolyser. The project was officially certified as 100% renewable in 2021 under the Smart Energy Council’s Zero Carbon Certification Scheme.

The electrolyser, a Nel Hydrogen Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM), produces around 21kg of hydrogen per day. This hydrogen is compressed and stored in three tanks which together hold 44kg of hydrogen. Hydrogen is dispensed by a high-pressure station manufactured PDC Machines and Ivys Energy Solutions.

Pacific Energy is the distribution and integration partner for all three brands in Australia.


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