Kalgoorlie Power Systems - Established in 1981, KPS designs, builds, owns and operates off-grid power stations in Australia under a Build, Own, Operate model.

Contract Power - Established in 1991, Contract Power also operates in the remote Build, Own, Operate power market as well as constructing power stations under EPC contracts. 

KPS Power Africa - Established in 2016, KPS Power Africa services the remote African power market with both an EPC and Build, Own, Operate service offering.

Pacific Energy Hydro - Established in 1993, Pacific Energy Hydro owns and operates 2 hydro power stations  in South East Victoria, Australia.

NovaPower - Established in 2014, NovaPower owns and operates a 10MW gas-fired peaking power generation plant in Taralgon, Victoria. NovaPower is a high-efficiency/low emissions gas-fired power station which generates in quick response to electricity demand in peak periods.