Pacific Energy is owned by QIC on behalf of its managed funds and clients, including the QIC Global Infrastructure Fund.

QIC is a global diversified alternatives investment firm headquartered in Brisbane, Australia offering infrastructure, real estate, private equity, liquid strategies and muti-asset investment services to institutional clients.

Remote Mining Power - Australia

The Company's core business division supplies competitively priced and highly reliable off-grid electricity.

We have two operating subsidiaries in this field - Kalgoorlie Power Systems and Contract Power whose success has been achieved through consistently delivering on-time and on-budget power generation infrastructure at the lowest cost and risk for its clients.

Remote Mining Power - Africa

Seeking to replicate the success of our remote mining power operations in Australia, KPS Power Africa was established in July 2015 to focus on operations in the African continent.

With management based in its office in Johannesburg, KPS Power Africa has adopted the proven Australian operating model to meet customer demands in remote electricity generation.

Hydro Power

The Company's hydro business comprises two hydro-electricity power stations located in South East Victoria. The hydro power stations are located at the Cardinia Reservoir and Blue Rock Dam.

Electricity generated by Pacific Energy’s Cardinia hydro power station is purchased by Energy Australia under long term contract. The power purchase agreement with Energy Australia for the Blue Rock operations is currently able to be terminated by either party with six months' notice.

The Blue Rock hydro power station is also a registered Small Aggregated Generator under the NEM rules and will be able to sell renewable electricity at NEM spot prices if the contract with Energy Australia is terminated.

Peaking Power

Our NovaPower subsidiary owns and operates a 10MW gas-fired peaking power generation plant in Traralgon, Victoria.

NovaPower is a high-efficiency/low emissions gas-fired power station which generates in quick response to electricity demand in peak periods.